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I work for an awesome company! I am always looking for dynamic people who are interested in opportunities that inrich their lives as well as the lives of others!


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 Tammy Klinger

Hi I'm Tammy Klinger and I'd like to thank you for stopping by my website.  I'd like to share a bit about who I am and how I got here.  So here's a little about myself...

I was unable to work at a full or even part time job at one point in my life so I thought . . . . what can I do now? I’ve been so active all my life, I couldn’t just stop my life and do nothing. So, my husband and I started a home based business with the company that helped bring my health back. All of the knowledge, information and research that I gained, led me to think that I could help others improve the quality of health for those around us.

I am a baby boomer and wanted to stay busy, interact with people, which gives me something to do too. It’s the best international home based business . . . helping others! I represent an incredible company, I’m changing lives. Growing a vibrant business with a message of True Health, I have a passion to help people like you, to share a financial opportunity that can change your life … it starts with ourselves, our products and our team, providing the training, support and the tools you need.

The economy is a mess and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better for a long time. Many people have money in their savings account, earning practically nothing and some are being charged which is depleting what they have saved. So I thought, why not invest in myself! I decided to invest in network marketing, low overhead , freedom and have fun to enjoy what I was doing. . . #1 asset is your business. Times are tough, only you can make it better or worse. I have big dreams, there are no limits and believe that if you dream it, it will happen.

Okay Networking Marketing ….yes, many of us still have a negative perception when we hear the word "networking" and as I always say, it's a misunderstood word. My theory is that good networking skills build links and alliances with people we meet along our own career path. Networking is a part of everyday life, just like the company you work for or even your business ….. you connect with each person, you contact vendors or clients. Isn’t that networking too?  

I love my freedom of being home, having the time to enjoy my family, grandkids and being able to do what I want to do when I want! That’s what’s so important to me.

I am always looking for dynamic people and help them travel the road of their dreams too. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

What is your #1 Priority? Extra Income, Financial Freedom, More Spare Time, Own Your Own Business, Personal Development, Helping Others, Meeting New People, Retirement, or Leaving A Legacy? The first step in getting started is to contact me.

Life Rocks! And I’m truly blessed!

Be Inspired!